Samsung Galaxy S6 Wireless Charging does not work

If you have bought a wireless charger for your Samsung Galaxy S6, then it can happen that this does not charge the device properly. Is the charger by Samsung itself, then it may be that the smartphone is charged only until the lock screen is activated.

Samsung Galaxy S6

This of course is not useful, because under that circumstances the Samsung Galaxy S6 is never charged. Should you also have the problem with your wireless Qi Charger, then we here show you a trick, with that your Samsung Galaxy S6 still can be charged without interruption.

For this you have to exchange the USB charger that was supplied with the QUI Charger, through the charger of your Samsung Galaxy S6. Pay attention here, whether the induction charging station is built for charger with higher performance.

If so, charging station has more power and thereby the induction charging is improved. For many induction chargers the Power cable is not strong enough to charge the Samsung Galaxy S6 by induction. Has this tip worked for you? Tells us in the comments.


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