Samsung Galaxy S7 256 GB memory card Evo Plus is available

If you want to store a lot of data on your Samsung Galaxy S7, such as pictures, videos, 4K movies, apps and other data, the 32 GB internal memory will quickly reach its limits.

Luckily, Samsung has now released a new memory card on the market. The Samsung Evo Plus memory card with 256 GB of memory. Yes You have read correctly: 256 GB memory as a Micro SD memory card. That's a lot, but that's not yet the best thing about the Samsung Evo Plus memory card.

Samsung Galaxy S7

The special feature of the memory card is the high write rate or read rate of the memory card. The Samsung Evo Plus memory card is one of the fastest Micro SD memory cards and is perfect for using in your Samsung Galaxy S7. Thus 12 hours in 4K film format can be stored, 33 hours of full HD video material or 55000 images.

The Samsung Evo Plus memory card 256 GB can be purchased for example, on Amazon.

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