Samsung Galaxy S7 Activate VoLTE under Android – Tip

There is on the Samsung Galaxy S7 the possibility to telephone via VoLTE, if this is offered by your mobile service provider. At VoLTE, telephone calls are made via the LTE network.

Thanks to the high data rate at VoLTE, the voice quality is increased, the connection setup is accelerated and the power consumption is reduced.

Samsung Galaxy S7

That is why it makes sense that if you have booked an LTE tariff and your mobile operator offers VoLTE, to activate this option on the Samsung Galaxy S7. We show you where you can find this setting in Android:

1. From the home screen, navigate to: Menu --> Settings --> Applications --> Phone

2. In the settings of the phone you will find within the section "Call Settings" The following entry:

  • Settings for outgoing voice calls

3. Tap the entry and you will see the following options:

  • Use VoLTE if available
  • Do not use VoLTE

4. Ensure that the mark is set to "Use VoLTE"

If you then make a call and if you are registered in the LTE network, the call will be carried out via VoLTE. You have all the advantages of VoLTE that we have explained at the beginning of this article on your Samsung Galaxy S7.


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