Samsung Galaxy S7 Always On Display does not appear at specific time – solution

If you have activated the Always On display on the Samsung Galaxy S7, you may be wondering why the display does not appear at a certain time even though it is activated. The cause is relatively simple.

Within the settings, you can define the time period during which the Always On Display is to be activated. In the above-mentioned problem, it is very probable that a period is entered that does not correspond to your day-night rhythm. So we show you here briefly how to change the period for the Always On Display on the Samsung Galaxy S7.

Samsung Galaxy S7

1. Open: Menu --> Settings --> Display --> Always On Display

2. In this submenu, go to "Clock Time Settings"

3. Select a Start and End Time. If the Always On Display shall be continuous, then set the start time and end time to the same time. Done!

Now you know why the Always on display has not been displayed on your Samsung Galaxy S7 at a certain time and which settings you have to change so that this will not happen in the future.

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