Samsung Galaxy S7 Bluetooth troubleshooting – tip

It can be with your Samsung Galaxy S7 that you have problems with the Bluetooth connection to other devices such as a hands-free kit, a loudspeaker or another device.

In most cases, the problem is that no connection can be sustained or cannot be achieved at all. If this is also the case with your Samsung Galaxy S7, then try the following tip: A

Attention! All stored Bluetooth data will be deleted and then must be re-entered or reconnected.

Samsung Galaxy S7

To correct the error with Bluetooth devices on the Samsung Galaxy S7 the workaround is to reset the Bluetooth system file. This works under Android as follows:

Navigate from the Home screen of your Samsung Galaxy S7 to:

  • Menu --> Settings --> Applications --> Application Manager

Tap here in the upper right on "More" and then tap on “show system apps”

Now look for" Bluetooth "in the list of applications. You will find the following apps:

  • Bluetooth MIDI Service
  • Bluetooth Sharing
  • Bluetooth test

For each of these applications you have to open the app info (once tap) and then perform the following procedure:

  • Force stop

Next open the "storage" entry:

  • Delete the data and clear the cache If possible

Then please restart your Samsung Galaxy S7

Re-create now a connection via Bluetooth with the device to be coupled. This should now work without problems. You now know a general tip, how to proceed, if the Samsung Galaxy S7 cannot connect with a Bluetooth device or has problems with the connection.


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