Samsung Galaxy S7 Calculator Percentage - Resolved

Who uses on the new Samsung Galaxy S7 the preinstalled calculator might have problems with the calculation in percent. In the calculator version which was installed on smartphones like the S4, S5, S6, one could calculate the following calculation:

  • 400-10% = 360

Samsung Galaxy S7

Mathematically, this input is absolutely not correct, but you could quickly do percent calculation. Typing the same "formula" in the calculator on the Samsung Galaxy S7, so you will gain:

  • 400-10% = 399.9

The solution in the Samsung galaxy S7 is mathematically correct, because 10% is equal to 0.1. However, most users want to use this simple way of calculating % . This is not possible on the Samsung Galaxy S7. Here the percent calculation must be carried out according to good old school.

10% of 400 is calculated then as follows:

  • 400 * 0.9 = 360

Those who prefer the old "simple" formula, we recommend the ASUS calculator. This is similar to the original calculator of your Samsung Galaxy S7 and can calculate the percentage by using the simple method.

Here is the link for the Asus calculator in Google Play Store.

You know now that the calculator of the Samsung Galaxy S7 counted correctly, but also how to use the easy percent calculation again.

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