Samsung Galaxy S7 Call number as default – solved

If you have created a contact on the Samsung Galaxy S7, you may have added more than one number to it. For example, a contact may have a landline number, a mobile number, and a business number.

On the Samsung Galaxy S7 usually the first entered call number is set as Standard call number. What is the default number? This is the phone number that the Samsung Galaxy S7 will dial as a regular when you select this contact from the favorites, the text message app or the hands-free kit of your car.

Samsung Galaxy S7

Now it is often the case, however, that not the first entered telephone number should be the standard call number, but one of the two additional added. If this is the case, you can change the default phone number of the contact on the Samsung Galaxy S7 as follows:

1. Open the contact app and then the contact where the default number is to be changed

2. When the contact is displayed, tap "More" in the upper right corner, then "Mark as standard".

3. In the "Number" section, you can now select the number which is to be selected by default when touching the contact.

4. Tap "Done" to save the change.

5. The default number is then marked with a check mark in the Contacts app.

You now know how to mark a number on a Samsung Galaxy S7 as a standard call number within a contact. This number is then selected as the first number by the Samsung Galaxy S7, if the contact is to be called.

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