Samsung Galaxy S7 Camera Activate Focus Assist – Tip

The camera of the Samsung Galaxy S7 has in “Pro mode” a lot of setting possibilities. This also includes the possibility to manually operate the focus. If you have ever tried the manual focus, you will find that especially in detail shooting it is sometimes difficult to find the right focus.

Samsung Galaxy S7

This is not a problem. For this case, there is the "focus zoom" with which one can easily check the manual focusing, whether the object to focus on, is sharp. This focus magnifier can be used on the Samsung Galaxy S7 as follows:

Open the camera app and then select the Pro mode. Tap the focus setting until you see the focus bar. You have to stay long on the focus controller to activate the focus magnifier. Then the image zooms in and you can use the focus manually.

This function helps you when you take pictures with the macro function of the Samsung Galaxy S7 camera.

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