Samsung Galaxy S7 camera - Best settings for high image quality

The camera of the Samsung Galaxy S7 has a very light sensitive sensor and can thus make good images even in poor light conditions. Nevertheless, perhaps the one or the other of you has the impression that the camera does not bring the desired picture quality, even in the best lighting conditions.

Therefore we would like to explain here how to configure the camera settings so that you get the best performance from the Samsung Galaxy S7 camera. For this you must do the following steps:

Samsung Galaxy S7

1. Open the Camera app of your Samsung Galaxy S7

2. Tap on "Mode" and then select the "Pro mode".

3. Make sure you take pictures at the highest resolution. This is the 4: 3 format, the 12 megapixel setting

The most important setting that you now have to make is to set the ISO value from automatic to manual. Here we recommend you the ISO value 50 for good light conditions. A brief explanation of this:

If you decrease the ISO value before taking a photo, the better the image quality. Requirement:

  • Bright environment and the camera should be kept quiet.

When the ambient light is dark, then the photographed subject is not allowed to move. The higher the ISO value, the worse the image quality, but pictures can be included in motion or in twilight.

Tap therefore now in the camera app on "ISO" and then select "50". Then we recommend you to use this setting as a "Custom Settings". Tap on "Custom" and select "Save Settings". Now when you take pictures with this setting, then you will achieve sharper pictures with your Samsung Galaxy S7 in a bright environment.


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