Samsung Galaxy S7 camera photos are coarse-grained and blurred when zooming

The integrated main camera of the Samsung Galaxy S7 can create very nice pictures in attractive resolution. If you use the zoom function, however, it may be that the image becomes coarse-grained and blurred.

Samsung Galaxy S7

The reduced picture quality you get when you zoom with the Samsung Galaxy S7 camera is due to the fact that it is a digital zoom. The digital zoom simply magnifies the section of the image, which is then at the expense of the picture quality.

The image is then simply scaled up by the measurements, which is why the resolution is then at 12 megapixels, but in reality only a fraction.

Therefore, we recommend you never use more than a zoom factor of 1.5x when zooming with the camera. Otherwise you will get a coarse-grained blurred image later, which will not give you any pleasure.

An alternative to the digital zoom are plug-in zooms such as the original Samsung accessories:

Now you know why the photos that you have recorded with Digital zoom on your Samsung Galaxy S7 do not correspond to the usual picture quality and also what you can do about it.

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