Samsung Galaxy S7 camera settings are missing - Resolved

If you open on the Samsung Galaxy S7 the camera app and want to change the camera settings, then you should see a gear icon and a shortcut bar for this. If this icon is missing and the camera settings cannot be changed on your Samsung Galaxy S7, then the cause is usually the “Easy mode”.

The Easy mode is a scaled-down version of the Samsung Touch Wiz interface and is created just to help newcomers to find their way with Android. Unfortunately also important options are disabled like the camera settings. To disable the Easy mode on the Samsung Galaxy S7, please proceed as follows:

Samsung Galaxy S7

1. Scroll from the home screen to the pages and search for the icon "settings". If found, tap on it.

2. Scroll now through the menu settings down to "Easy mode "and select the entry

3. You can now switch from the "Easy Mode” back into the "Standard mode" of TouchWiz

4. After you have set the mark, tap on" OK“

Open the camera app on the Samsung Galaxy S7 and now the gear icon for the camera settings is displayed and the shortcut bar for quick settings is also visible.

Now you know why on the Samsung Galaxy S7 within the camera application no configuration options were available and how to change that.

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