Samsung Galaxy S7 camera too hot to take photos

It is summer and you are right on the lake or ocean, the Samsung Galaxy S7 lies in the blazing sun, as you would quickly take a snapshot with it of your friends. But the smartphone has become hot in the sun and no photos can be recorded with the camera.

Especially in the summer it can happen that the Samsung Galaxy S7 gives an error when opening the camera app, which states that the current temperature of the device is too hot to take pictures. This is because the photo sensor would not be able to measure the current temperature without damage, so you should still take photos (the sensor is additionally heated).

Samsung Galaxy S7

So what can you do if you are now at the lake and the Samsung Galaxy S7 has become too hot?

1. Turn the Samsung Galaxy S7 off - This helps to cool the device

2. Moisten a towel and put it on the Samsung Galaxy S7 - Your Samsung Galaxy S7 is waterproof, the evaporation of the water in the towel will cool your smartphone (evaporation cold)

3. Always leave the smartphone it in the shade, never in the blazing sun.

We hope that with these tips you also have fun at the lake and in the sun with your Samsung Galaxy S7 and above all you can take nice pictures of your friends or the surroundings.

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