Samsung Galaxy S7 cannot charge anymore - tip

The Samsung Galaxy S7 usually needs charging every two days with the charger. To do this, connect the device via the micro USB port to the main plug.

Normally, the smartphone now charges, but it can happen that the Samsung Galaxy S7 can no longer be charged even though the smartphone is connected to the charger and the socket.

This is of course unfavorable, because you can no longer use the smartphone. So you have to check what's causing it. We have listed several tips here that you can try if the Samsung Galaxy S7 can no longer be charged via the USB charging cable:

Check the Micro USB charging socket on the Samsung Galaxy S7 for dirt

Samsung Galaxy S7

If you carry the S7 in your pocket all the time, then it can be that the Micro USB charging port of the Samsung Galaxy S7 is dirty and the plug of the charging cable cannot make a contact. Often it is just dust that accumulates over time in the charging socket.

Check if this applies to your Samsung Galaxy S7. If so, carefully remove the dust with a toothpick from the Micro USB port. Compressed air can help here as well.

We do not recommend taking a metal object such as an office needle, as this may damage the charging socket or the connection.

Check charger and USB cable for function

Check best with another USB cable and power plug, whether the Samsung Galaxy S7 can be charged. Sometimes it may be that the charger or the USB cable used have a technical defect and therefore the Samsung Galaxy S7 cannot be charged correctly.

Contact of micro USB connector bent

It can happen that the mating contact in the Micro USB port of the Samsung Galaxy S7 is bent and therefore a contact todoes not come to pass. This can happen if you plug the charging cable in the wrong direction and bend the contact.

Here either a professional repair workshop or, if you trust it, a "bending back" of the contact helps. But you have to be very careful here, because the pins of the S7 are very sensitive!

Emergency solution - Induction charger

If nothing works, charging will remain via a wireless charger

If nothing helped, then the Samsung Galaxy S7 charges the smartphone by using a wireless QI charger. Such a charger is available for slim money directly from Samsung:

Induction chargers for the Samsung Galaxy S7.


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