Samsung Galaxy S7 circle with dash symbol – meaning

In the status bar of your Samsung Galaxy S7 there can be a symbol in the form of a circle with a line in the middle. The meaning for this is the following in Android:

The circle symbol means that the „Do not disturb "mode has been activated. The non-annoying mode on the Samsung Galaxy S7 is designed to help you enjoy more leisure and tranquility by only allowing calls that you have previously classified as "important".

Samsung Galaxy S7

If the non-disruptive mode has been activated on the smartphone in Android, the circle icon with the dash in the center appears in the status bar. However, if you have activated this mode only by accident, you can switch it off again as follows:

On the Samsung Galaxy S7, open:

Home screen --> App Menu --> Settings --> Do not disturb

Deactivate the controller "Activate Now". Once you disable this setting, the icon will disappear in the status bar. You may also need to deactivate the "Enable as planned" option by using the slider, as long as you have stored a time at which this mode should be active.

You now know why the circle with the dash in the middle appears in the status bar of your Samsung Galaxy S7 and what it stands for.


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