Samsung Galaxy S7 Direct Contact dialing on Home screen

If you want to make a call on the Samsung Galaxy S7 quickly, then it makes sense to put a shortcut on the home screen. This is possible with a widget. We will now explain how to place a shortcut on the start screen of your Samsung Galaxy S7 for fast calling a contact.

Samsung Galaxy S7

To do so, please proceed as follows:

Press once on a free area of ​​your home screen. This will now shrink and reveals more options. Please select "Widgets". You can either search for the "Contacts" widget by browsing the pages, or by tapping "More" in the upper-right corner, and then selecting "Find Widget". Enter "Contact" here and the right widget will appear immediately.

You can now select from the following options for the Contacts widget:

  • Direct message - this will open the message app and the chat with the right person
  • Direct dialing - the contact is called directly when tapping
  • Contact - the contact info appears

Select here now the "Direct Dial" by pressing and holding it for a long time and then placing it on the Samsung Galaxy S7 Home screen. Then you can select which contact the widget should be assigned to. Finished!

If you tap on the home screen at this widget, the previously defined contacts will be called directly. A very useful feature, for those who want to call your loved ones, friends or friends very quick.

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