Samsung Galaxy S7 Disable Bluetooth Low Energy permanently

Probably you have not known, but the Samsung Galaxy S7 has the "Low energy Bluetooth search" option permanently enabled from the factory. So the Samsung Galaxy S7 recognizes devices that are located in close proximity.

Would you like that your smartphone in any manner cannot establish a connection to other devices, then disable this option as follows:

Samsung Galaxy S7

Open from the start screen of your Samsung Galaxy S7 the menu and then the Settings. Scrolls now down to the section "Connections" and then tap here on "More Connection Settings".

From there proceeds to "Nearby device scanning". Deactivate that option with the slider.

Subsequently Bluetooth Low Energy will no longer be active on your Samsung Galaxy S7 and thus not constantly available to receive data. You know now how to permanently turn off the Bluetooth Low Energy option on the Samsung Galaxy S7.


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