Samsung Galaxy S7 Disable Lock with Power Button

On the Samsung Galaxy S7 the option is from the factory active that when you press the power on/ off button, the lock screen is activated. But this setting is for one or the other rather obstructive, but we want to explain to you briefly how you can disable this setting on the Samsung Galaxy S7.

Samsung Galaxy S7

Navigate on your Samsung Galaxy S7 to the following submenu:

1. Menu --> Settings

2. Open here the menu item "Lock screen and security"

3. Continue on "Secure Lock Settings" (Not visible with option "Swipe")

4. Now you will see additional options. Uncheck "Lock instantly with power key" with the controller.

You now know how to disable the automatic lock when you press the power button. You can now use your Samsung Galaxy S7 longer without having to use your security lock screen type.


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