Samsung Galaxy S7 Display week number in Calendar - Solved

On your Samsung Galaxy S7 there is the possibility to display the week numbers in the calendar app "S Planner". The week number is a useful feature to specify a period for appointments or holidays. That is why the week number is important especially for the business.

If you want to display the week number within the calendar on the Samsung Galaxy S7, you must first activate this option in the calendar settings of the S Planner app. We will show you in our guide how this works:

Samsung Galaxy S7

Navigate to the start screen of the Samsung Galaxy S7:

  • Menu --> S Planner

You are now in the S Planner app of the Samsung Galaxy S7. Tap "More" in the upper right corner, then click "Settings". In the submenu that now opens, you will find the option "Display number of week".

Move the slider from "Off" to "On" to enable the option for your Samsung Galaxy S7. You will then see the week number in the S Planner app at the beginning of the line. This also applies to the S Planner Widget.

You now know how to display the week number on the Samsung Galaxy S7 in the calendar app S Planner.


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