Samsung Galaxy S7 Does rapid charging harm the battery or not?

The Samsung Galaxy S7 can be rapidly charged with the supplied charging cable. Compared to the previous charging cable an method, the smartphone is almost fully charged within an hour.

However, it is disputed whether the quick charge function will shorten the life of the internal battery. Why should the life time of the battery can be shortened? This assumption comes from the R/C hobby sector.

Samsung Galaxy S7

Here batteries with very high charging currents are charged because they have much more capacity than a cell phone battery. It is known that in these dimensions of charging currents, the life of R/C Model Li-Po batteries will be reduced.

Usually the cause is the overheating of cells that are located in the center of the battery. These become during the quick charge very hot and are heated by the surrounding cells. The cells in the center of the battery are thus permanently damaged and can no longer supply power.

Therefore it is recommended to charge R/C Lipo batteries with a lower charging current. Then the battery is hardly heated.

But this subject of RC batteries cannot be allocated on smartphone batteries. Background is that the batteries are much smaller and the heat problem does not behave like a R/C Model Battery. In addition, the battery technology evolved and the battery cells are not so easily broken if they overheat.

But we doubt this new fact a little bit. Because the overheating of a battery during charging can be avoided only by cooling. Since the battery of the Samsung Galaxy S7, as well as with any other smartphone is integrated in the housing and the heat dissipation is less than good, the battery is insufficiently cooled during the charging process.

Anyway, only after a large time interval it can be seen if the quick charge function shortens or lengthens the battery life time.

It is interesting that Samsung has integrated a function into the Android interface, in which the rapid charging function can be disabled. You know now a little more about rapid charging and why a battery can get broken during quick charge. So the decision to use that function is yours.

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