Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Activate parallax effect

The parallax, also called background motion effect, is an option that can be activated in the settings of your Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge. What does the parallax effect?

This effect simulates you that the screen is always displayed at an 90 ° angle. That means, if you tilt the smartphone, then the display content is digitally inclined. A quite nice effect, but also not 100% necessary. The parallax effect has not been activated in the firmware on the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge, so you must activate it first.

And this works as follows:

Samsung Galaxy S7

Open the app menu on the smartphone and then:

  • Settings --> Background image

In this sub-menu you will find the "background motion effect". This can now be set from "Off" to "On" via the control slider. Then the parallax effect is active on your Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge in the app menu and also on the Home screen.

You now know how to activate the background motion effect on the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge.


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