Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge How to block calls with anonymous call number

On the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge you can automatically block contacts who call you with withheld number. This function is very useful, as it gives you the possibility not to be contacted by callers who you not know.

We show you here in addition how you can automatically blockanonymous callers. For this please open on the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge the following submenu:

Samsung Galaxy S7

Home Screen --> app menu -->settings --> applications --> Phone -->Call Rejection-->Auto reject list

Within this Android submenu you can now find the option „block anonymous calls. " You can now activate by using the slider this option. Now, if someone tries to contact you with a blockedcaller ID, then this person is automatically rejected. Please keep in mind that some public bodies such as doctors' offices, public offices etc. use calls with caller ID blocked.

You may not reached by them. You now know how to automatically reject on the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge caller with caller ID blocked.


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