Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Upday disappeared on home screen

The Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge has the message application "Upday" on board, which notifies you, for example, about urgent messages. Upday can be opened by wiping left on the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge's home screen.

If this is not the case with your Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge after the update to Android Nougat is no longer the case and this disappeared, then you can restore it as follows:

Add Upday on the home screen again - Android Nougat

Samsung Galaxy S7

1. If you are on the home screen then press your finger for a long time on a free space

2. A menu will appear where you can now see your home screen pages - Scroll to the left here - Upday appears

3. Activate Upday by using the slider bar above

Upday will then appear as usual on your Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge, if you scroll to the left on the home screen. You now know the menu, where the news app Upday can be activated in Android Nougat.


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