Samsung Galaxy S7 email stuck in outbox - Resend

If you use the default e-mail app on the Samsung Galaxy S7, it can happen that an e-mail cannot be sent. This can have different causes, such as a weak Internet connection.

In any case, the e-mail will remain in the mail outbox until the synchronization process is triggered automatically again.

Usually, however, this takes too long and so you would like to send the e-mail manually from the mail outbox. How this works on the Samsung Galaxy S7 with the Android e-mail app, we explain this in our guide:

Samsung Galaxy S7

1. Open the e-mail app of Android

2. Tap on "Inbox" in the upper left corner and then select "Outbox". You will now see the e-mail that has been stuck there

3. Tap this e-mail for a long time

4. Click on "More" on the upper right and then on "Send". Done!

Your e-mail should now be sent from your Samsung Galaxy S7, assuming you have a stable Internet connection. You now know how to send an e-mail from the mail outbox on the Samsung Galaxy S7.


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