Samsung Galaxy S7 Energy saving mode - Customize settings

Android Nougat can be used to adjust the energy saving mode of the Samsung Galaxy S7 much better than before. By using of the corresponding settings, the energy saving mode can be precisely tailored to your wishes, thereby saving more or less battery power.

We'll show you how to customize the power-saving mode on the Samsung Galaxy S7:

Samsung Galaxy S7

Start on the Samsung Galaxy S7 with Android Nougat from the home screen and then navigate to:

  • App Menu --> Settings --> Device Maintenance --> Battery

You will now see the remaining battery life and below the information on the energy saving mode. Tap "Medium" to see which settings are available. These include:

  • Brightness
  • Resolution
  • CPU
  • Internet
  • Always On Display

You can now change these parameters of the power-saving mode on your Samsung Galaxy S7. To do this, touch "Customize" at the top. Then a menu opens, where you can change the above options by using sliders.

Use "Apply" to accept the setting for the energy saving mode. Finished!

You now know how to customize the energy saving mode on the Samsung Galaxy S7 with Android Nougat.


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