Samsung Galaxy S7 error: [RPC: S-5: AEC-0]

If you open the Google Play Store on your Samsung Galaxy S7 to download a new app or to update an already installed app, then you may see the following error message:

Failed to retrieve information - error: [rpc: s-5: AEC-0]

Samsung Galaxy S7

This error message appears whenever there are problems with the Google Play Store. The problems are mostly caused by the Android software on your smartphone or the installed Google Play Store app version.

So that you can download and reinstall apps from the Google Play Store, we here show you two tips to solve the error: [RPC: S-5: AEC-0] on the Samsung Galaxy S7. For this we present you here two methods:

Method # 1: Reset Google Play Store on the Samsung Galaxy S7

Navigate with your Samsung Galaxy S7 to:

Menu --> Settings --> Applications --> Application Manager --> drop-down menu --> choose "All".

In the list that now appears, scroll down to the point "Google Play Store" and open it. At the following info-sheet of the app you will find the button "Uninstall Updates" if you tap on "more" on the top right. Tap the button to uninstall all Google Play store updates on the Samsung Galaxy S7 so that this may be subsequently re-updated again.

Now try again to open the Google Play Store on the Samsung Galaxy S7 and download an app, the error [rpc: s-5: AEC-0] should no longer appear. If this solution does not work for you, try our second method:

Method #2: Remove Google account and re-add

Start again on the home screen of your Samsung Galaxy S7 and open:

Menu --> Settings --> Accounts. Select in the list your Google account, which is also used by the Google Play Store. Is this open, tap in the upper right corner on "More" and then "Remove Account".

Now follow the wizard to remove the Google account on the Samsung Galaxy S7. Only the link between smartphone and Google account is deleted. It will not lose any mail or other data.

Is this Google account deleted, this must be re-added on the Samsung Galaxy S7. Now navigate under accounts on "Add Account" and select there as account type "Google". Following again the Assistant and submit your Google Account.

If the Google Account is linked back to your Android smartphone, reopen the Google Play Store. By now, the error message with "Failed to retrieve information" and the error [RPC: S-5: AEC-0] should be gone on your Samsung Galaxy S7.

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