Samsung Galaxy S7 Fast charging does not work - check settings

The Samsung Galaxy S7 offers the option to recharge the battery quickly. All you need is a quick charger as it is included in the delivery. If the smartphone is connected to this charger, a large portion of the battery should be recharged within a few minutes.

If this is not the case, then you should now check the following setting in the system settings of your Samsung Galaxy S7. In Android Nougat navigate to the following sub-menu:

Samsung Galaxy S7

Home screen --> Settings -> Maintenance

Now click on "Battery" in the toolbar at the bottom.

You are now in the Accu overview. In the upper right corner, touch the icon with the three dots, and then click Advanced Settings. Here you can check whether the setting "Quick charge via cable" is active. If this is not the case, move the controller from "Off" to "Active".

Your Samsung Galaxy S7 should now be recharged fast as usual.

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