Samsung Galaxy S7 front camera defect? Check it as follows

The front camera, which is located to the right of the earpiece, has a resolution of 5 megapixels and is perfect for taking pictures, assuming the front camera of the Samsung Galaxy S7 works properly.

If you should see in the camera app of the Samsung Galaxy S7 after the change to the front camera no live camera view, then there may be a software error or even a hardware defect.

To test this, there is on the Samsung Galaxy S7 a small test menu, which can be displayed by a secret code. In this test or service menu you can check the front camera for function. We'll show you how this works:

Samsung Galaxy S7

Open the menu screen of the Samsung Galaxy S7 and then the phone app. In the phone app, switch to the keypad and enter the following code:

  • #0*#

Use this code to open the secret service menu on the Samsung Galaxy S7. You will now see various gray tiles, each tile for a hardware test or for further information on the hardware. Tap here the following:

  • Front cam

This will now start the front camera of the Samsung Galaxy S7 with the system drivers. If the camera works here, then there is a problem with the camera app of the smartphone.

If also no picture can be seen, then the camera module of the front camera is very probably defective.

You now know how to check on the Samsung Galaxy S7, whether the front camera works, or whether it has a defect.


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