Samsung Galaxy S7 Heart Rate Monitor – Tip

If you use the heart rate monitor of the Samsung Galaxy S7 more often, then it was so far that you always had to open the app S Health and then start the heart rate monitor. Since the new S Health version 4.8, it is now possible to perform a fast measurement.

This means that if you have the smartphone with the display on a surface, you just have to put your finger on the pulse meter sensor and turn the device over. This gesture then starts the heart rate monitor immediately.

Samsung Galaxy S7

So that the function can be applied to your Samsung Galaxy S7, you must activate it first. This works as follows:

1. On your Samsung Galaxy S7, open the app S Health

2. Now tap the "heart rate" tile in the S Health overview. This shows you the measurement results of the last days or months.

3. Now press "More" in the upper right corner and then "Quick measurement"

4. Activate the control on "On". So you have activated the speed measurement for the Pulse Sensor on the Samsung Galaxy S7

Now if you have the Smartphone on the table in front of you as described in the instructions, put your finger on the sensor and then turn the device over. This will start the pulse measurement.

Keep in mind that this works from any menu as long as the display is active. (In standby, the speed measurement does not work) You now know how to activate the rapid measurement for the pulse on the Samsung Galaxy S7.

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