Samsung Galaxy S7 How to activate unknown sources – solved

If you want to install an app from the Amazon App Store or an APK on the Samsung Galaxy S7, then it is necessary to activate the option "Unknown sources" under Android.

This is the only way to install an app outside the Google Play store. We will explain to you in this article, where you can activate the setting "Unknown sources" on your Samsung Galaxy S7:

Samsung Galaxy S7

To do this, start from the Samsung Galaxy S7 home screen and navigate to the following submenu:

home screen --> Settings --> Device Security

In In this submenu, you will see the "Unknown Sources" option when you scroll down a bit. With the slider, this setting can now be activated under Android.

It is not recommended to leave this setting "active" permanently, as it is easier for your smartphone to be infected with malicious software. For installations from the Amazon App Store or installing an APK, however, this is absolutely necessary.

You now know how to find and enable the option "Unknown sources" on your Samsung Galaxy S7.


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