Samsung Galaxy S7 How to add Signature to text messages? Solved!

If you send a lot of text messages with your Samsung Galaxy S7, it makes sense to add a signature automatically to your text messages, especially if you have business contacts. If you have searched for this option on your smartphone but have not found it, then this is due to the following reason:

On the Samsung Galaxy S7 with Android Marshmallow it is unfortunately no longer possible to attach a signature to text messages automatically. But we would like to show you a little trick on how to set a signature and then automatically insert it into the SMS.

Samsung Galaxy S7

To do this, please open the following submenu:

Home screen --> App Menu --> Settings --> language & input

Tap the Samsung keyboard here and scroll down to the menu item "Text Shortcuts". You can now add text string scripts by tapping "Add" in the upper right corner. Here is an example that you can use for your signature:

Quick access: “signature”

Extended text (which should appear when you enter the quick access):

"Yours sincerely your name, first name, telephone number”

Now save this text Shortcut. If you then enter the shortcut "signature" in a text message, then the fixed text, ie your signature, will be inserted automatically. We hope that this tip helps to insert a signature within a text message on the Samsung Galaxy S7.

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