Samsung Galaxy S7 How to block telephone number - Resolved

On the Samsung Galaxy S7 you can block phone numbers or contacts with a so-called "blacklist". Phone numbers that are on such a list, cannot longer call you. They are automatically blocked.

Therefore you can enjoy your free time. We explain in this article how to add on the Samsung Galaxy S7 a phone number to the blacklist and therefore block it:

Samsung Galaxy S7

1. Open the Phone app on your Samsung Galaxy S7

2. Tap the top right on "More" and then "Settings"

3. In the next menu, select "Call Rejection" and then "Auto reject list"

4. Here you can set phone numbers or contacts on the blocking list for calls. For this you can select the "Contacts" button or "protocol"

5. With activating the controller "Anonymous", the S7 allows you to block all calls with suppressed call number.

You now know how to block on the Samsung Galaxy S7 contacts or phone numbers.

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