Samsung Galaxy S7 How to change Sim Pin

If you have purchased the Samsung Galaxy S7 with a new contract, then in the most cases you will get a new SIM card. This SIM card is protected by a pin. The combination of the pin numbers is very likely to be different than it was the case with your smartphone before.

If you want to change this Sim Pin on the Samsung Galaxy S7 now, then we want to show you here exactly how it works:

Samsung Galaxy S7

You need to navigate into the following submenu of your Samsung Galaxy S7:

1. Open from the Start screen the menu and then the Android settings

2. Navigate here to "device security" and subsequently into the "Other Security settings" menu

3. Select "Sim Pin Options" and "Change Sim card Pin ". After that you can now choose a new pin for your Sim card. First you need to enter the old Sim Card Pin. Subsequently, the new pin can be set.

You now know how to change the PIN on the SIM card on the Samsung Galaxy S7.


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