Samsung Galaxy S7 How to deactivate camera autofocus

When recording videos of a moving object with your Samsung Galaxy S7, then you will have noticed that the smartphone camera partly has problems with the focus. Above all, when the object precedes a tree or a shrub or runs, the autofocus begins to "pump".

The reason is that at this point the autofocus does not know which object to focus on. Therefore, we recommend that you to disable the automatic focus during recording vidoes and adjust the focus manually.

Samsung Galaxy S7

This works as follows:

1. Open the camera app on the Samsung Galaxy S7

2. Tap “Mode” and then select "Pro"

3. Move the slider to the "Mount" icon for the focus of "Auto". Note: not suitable for macro recordings but for all other situation.

4. Start to record your video! Due to the manual focus, your video is no longer disturbed by focusing problems, but the focus is always the same.

Enjoy taking videos with your Samsung Galaxy S7.


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