Samsung Galaxy S7 How to deactivate vibration - Solved

Whenever you tap or press a button on the Samsung Galaxy S7, then the smartphone vibrates briefly. This is the so-called haptic feedback. There should be taught that you have touched a button at the time of vibration.

For many, the haptic feedback is not too useful and thats why we tell you here how you can disable the haptic feedback and the keyboard vibration on the Samsung Galaxy S7.

Samsung Galaxy S7

Open from the home screen of the Samsung Galaxy S7 the following menu:

App-Menu --> Settings --> Sounds & vibration

Here you must now set at the options below the regulator to "inactive":

  • vibration feedback
  • keyboard vibration

If you turn the knob under the two options and disabled them, then your Samsung Galaxy S7 does no longer vibrate when typing on the touch screen and the keyboard.

You have thus successfully turned off the vibration of your Samsung Galaxy S7.


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