Samsung Galaxy S7 How to delete Facebook app

On the new Samsung Galaxy S7 and Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge the app "Facebook" is installed by factory. Since this app uses a high battery consumption or you simply do not need this, you will now ask for sure: "Can I delete or uninstall the Facebook app on my Samsung Galaxy S7?"

The answer is unfortunately 'no'. The Facebook app cannot be deleted. The only option that remains is to disable the app. We show you briefly how to disable on the Samsung Galaxy S7, the Facebook app, so this is no longer visible on the home screen and the app menu.

Samsung Galaxy S7

1. For this purpose, open the app menu and then look for the page with the Facebook app

2. Tap in the top right on "Edit". Small minus signs appear now next to the Apps.

3. Now select the Facebook app. These can now be "Disabled". Disabled means that the app is installed, but does not execute any actions. It must be reactivated if you want to use it .


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