Samsung Galaxy S7 how to empty call log - Solved

When you make a call on the Samsung Galaxy S7 or answer a call, this is stored in your call log. So you can check afterwards, with which contacts you have made a call on the phone.

However, it may be that you might want to delete this call log on the Samsung Galaxy S7, so that it cannot be understood, with whom you spoke on the phone. If so, then we will show you here how this works:

Samsung Galaxy S7

1. Tap on the home screen on the phone app

2. Now select "Protocol" to display the history of all your calls in the past.

3. Now tap in the top right on "More" and then "Delete"

4. You can now select individual entries from the call log, or select "All"

5. Tap "Delete" to erase the selected entries from the Call Log. You now know how you can delete or remove calls from the call log on the Samsung Galaxy S7. So then it can no longer be traced, with whom you have contacted, or who the caller was.


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