Samsung Galaxy S7 How to enlarge Keyboard – Tip

If the keys on the keyboard of the Samsung Galaxy S7 are too small, then there is the possibility to enlarge them a bit. Just when you have big fingers, the small keyboard of the Samsung Galaxy S7 can be quite inaccurate.

In order to enlarge the keys of the Samsung keyboard, you have to adjust the following settings:

Samsung Galaxy S7

1. Open the app menu from the home screen of the smartphone and then the settings

2. Select "Language and input" and then the menu entry "Samsung keyboard"

3. Now scroll down until you see the option "Keyboard size" and tap on it

4. You can now scale the keyboard of the Samsung Galaxy S7. Pull up the frame at the top of the keyboard. The keyboard and the keys become bigger. That's it already.

We hope that this tip has helped you to use the keyboard of the Samsung Galaxy S7 more comfortable and to write text error-free.

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