Samsung Galaxy S7 How to find hidden game in Android 6.0

With the new Samsung Galaxy S7 and Android Marshmallow 6.0.1 you can find a little Easter Egg. An Easter Egg is a hidden function, an image, video or game, which is hidden by the programmers.

Usually an Easter egg is very difficult to find. With Android Marshmallow on the Samsung Galaxy S7 it is relatively easy to find such an Easter Egg.

Samsung Galaxy S7

We show you here how the secret Easter Egg can be found at Android Marshmallow on the Samsung Galaxy S7. For this please open:

Home screen --> App Menu --> Settings --> Device Information

In this menu you will find an entry which is called "Android version". Tap now several times quickly on this entry to open the first part of the Easter Egg. Now a little marshmallow figure on the display appears. Tap now several times on this figure and then hold your finger down on the screen. The Easter Egg mini game 'Flappy Android „is now opened in a new version.

Unlike its predecessor, the obstacles are now no "Lollis" more, but large marshmallows. You know now how the Easter Egg can be found on the Samsung Galaxy S7.


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