Samsung Galaxy S7 How to install APK manually - solved

If you want to install an app on your Samsung Galaxy S7, there are different possibilities for it. The default method is using an app market such as the Google Play Store or Amazon Underground App Market.

It may also be that you want to install an app using an APK file, an Android installation file on your Samsung Galaxy S7. This may be the case, for example, when you download the latest WhatsApp version from the official homepage as an APK file.

Samsung Galaxy S7

Now imagine the question how to install such an APK file on the Samsung Galaxy S7, then you will find the answer in this article:

1. Open the app menu on your Samsung Galaxy S7 and then the settings

2. Select "Device security".

3. In the next sub-menu you will find "Unknown sources". Activate the slider and confirm the message with "Ok".

4. Then open the app "My Files" and there the "Download" folder. In this you will find the APK file you downloaded from a web page.

5. Note! The APK file should come from a trusted website!

6. Tap the APK file and the installation wizard will open on the Samsung Galaxy S7.

Follow this to install the app. You have just successfully installed an APK file on your Samsung Galaxy S7.

For security reasons, we recommend you disabling the "Unknown sources" option after the installation. This is the only way to keep your Samsung Galaxy S7 protected.


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