Samsung Galaxy S7 How to record an Advanced Screenshot

A very beautiful and important function was donated the Samsung Galaxy S7: The "Advanced screenshot". With this screenshot you can extend the range of screenshots by pressing the required key combination.

So it is possible to save in one screenshot more than it is shown on the display. We tell you here how you can record on the Samsung Galaxy S7 an Advanced screenshot.

Samsung Galaxy S7

For this display the content on your smartphones screen that should be included in the screenshot. The area should be larger than can be displayed by the screen of your smartphone!

1. Press and hold now the Screenshot hotkeys for at least two seconds:

  • Power On / OFF
  • Home button

2. Subsequently, the screenshot is triggered. Immediately afterwards a bar appears at the bottom of the display. Tap here now quickly on "Capture more"

3. Now a display length is scrolled down and this area is also included within the screenshot

4. If more content is available then tap again quickly at the bottom left on "Capture more"

5. Press so long on "Capture more" until you have acquired all necessary details in your screenshot.

Subsequently, the screenshot will be saved automatically. Wonderful! You have just learned how to record with the Samsung Galaxy S7 an extended Screenshot.


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