Samsung Galaxy S7 How to record slow motion videos

The Samsung Galaxy S7 has integrated a powerful camera with which you can record slow motion videos. A Slow Motion video takes a scene with an increased number of images per second (FPS).

This high amount of pictures is used later for playing the slow motion effect. If you do not know how you can record Slow Motion videos with the Samsung Galaxy S7, then we would like to explain it here:

Samsung Galaxy S7

1. Open on the Samsung Galaxy S7 the Camera app

2. Now tap at the bottom left on "mode" and then select the mode "Slow Motion"

3. Now start the video recording with the "Record" button and take your scene

4. After that, open within gallery the slow-motion video

5. You can there watch the video in slow motion now.

6. With the bar at the bottom, you can increase or decrease the slow motion effect. Now you know how easy it is to record on the Samsung Galaxy S7 a slow motion video and also how to edit it afterwards.



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