Samsung Galaxy S7 How to Set display timeout

On the Samsung Galaxy S7 there is the possibility to change the time, after which the screen turns automatically off. This is the so-called display time-out time. If this time is too short or too long for you, then this article will help you to change the screen timeout.

Navigate on the Samsung Galaxy S7 as follows:

Samsung Galaxy S7

Home screen --> App-Menu --> Settings --> Display

In this sub-menu of Android Marshmallow you now see the following option: "Screen timeout"

Tap on the entry and you have then the choice to change the display time-out. Select here:

  • a shorter value, this extends the battery life of the Samsung Galaxy S7
  • a longer value, this will shorten the battery life of the device

The settings are applied directly and are then active on the Samsung Galaxy S7. The display is now, if you do not use the phone, turned off automatically after the time you have defined.


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