Samsung Galaxy S7 How to uninstall apps - Simplest variant

If you bought the Samsung Galaxy S7, then you will install with safety a lots of apps on the smartphone. However, you will after a relatively short time want to uninstall these apps and applications on your Samsung Galaxy S7, because they do not meet the requirements or are simply not needed.

If you do not know how to remove apps in Android Marshmallow then our instructions help you further.

We explain the easiest way to delete apps on the Samsung Galaxy S7

Samsung Galaxy S7

1. From the home screen of the Samsung Galaxy S7 open the app menu

2. Now tap in the top right on the "Edit" Button

3. In addition to all newly installed apps, except system apps, now a small minus sign appears. 4. To uninstall an app on the Samsung Galaxy S7, just tap on an app now

5. Confirm the prompt for the uninstall with "YES" and then the app will be deleted on your Samsung Galaxy S7.

Proceed with any app in this way, which you'd like to remove on your device.


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