Samsung Galaxy S7 How to use 3x4 keyboard

If you are a fan of the 3x4 keypad and want to use it on the new Samsung Galaxy S7, then you can change this variant of the form of writing in the settings of the Samsung keyboard.

We show you where you can find the setting. Therefore open the following submenu on your Android smartphone:

Samsung Galaxy S7

Navigate from the home screen to:

Menu --> Settings --> Language & input

You can now find the entry "Samsung keypad" in this submenu. Tap on the entry and you will see specific settings in the keyboard. Here you have to tap the first item in the list.

This is by factory "English". It now opens a small pop-up menu, in which you now please switch on 3x4 keyboard. Then your Samsung Galaxy S7 will show in any application where you need a keyboard the 3x4 keypad. Now you can write in the traditional manner your text with this keyboard.

You now know how to use the 3x4 keypad on the Samsung Galaxy S7.


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