Samsung Galaxy S7 How to use Swype keyboard – Resolved

There are several ways to write texts or messages with the keyboard of the Samsung Galaxy S7. In addition to the 3x4 keypad, you can use a "Swype keyboard" on the smartphone.

With the Swype keyboard you just have to swipe your finger across the keys and no longer touch them. The keyboard of the Samsung Galaxy S7 detects the connected letters and thus the right word. This works surprisingly well and with a little practice, this method is very fast.

Samsung Galaxy S7

In this article, we tell you how to activate and use the Swype keyboard on the Samsung Galaxy S7. Open from the home screen of the Samsung Galaxy S7:

Menu --> Settings --> Language & input --> Samsung Keyboard

In this submenu, you will now find the following option:

  • "Keyboard Swipe"

After you have tapped the entry choose the following option:

  • "Continuous input"

Now you just need to slide your finger across the keyboard to write text with your Galaxy S7. You have thus successfully activated the Swype keyboard on the Samsung Galaxy S7 smartphone in the keyboard settings.



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