Samsung Galaxy S7 information about the SAR value

If you want to buy the Samsung Galaxy S7 or the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge, then you might also want to know the SAR value of this smartphone. SAR value? Never heard? Then we would like to briefly explain what a smartphone has to offer:

SAR stands for "specific absorption rate" and is set with a limit of 2 watts per kg. This is the amount that the body is allowed to absorb or absorb during a call. Fortunately, the technology is already very far today and there is hardly a new smartphone that comes above the value of 1 Watt/ kg.

Samsung Galaxy S7

Studies are of the opinion that any value below 2 watts / kg SAR value is not harmful to the body. Whether this is correct in the long term (more than 30 years) is questionable. Therefore, if you want to pay attention to this value, you should always check that you own a smartphone that has a very low SAR value.

  • Samsung Galaxy S7: 0,41
  • Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge: 0,26

Compared to the previous models, the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge reduced the SAR value again significantly:

  • Samsung Galaxy S5: 0,56
  • Samsung Galaxy S6: 0,38
  • Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge: 0,306

You now know which SAR value the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge has.


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