Samsung Galaxy S7 N Symbol in status bar - Meaning?

When first using the new Samsung Galaxy S7 you might find in the status bar a symbol which looks like an N. This N symbol you might have never seen in the status bar of your previous smartphone. Which is why you are asking yourself what this symbol means.

We would like to explain the meaning of the N-symbol at the Samsung Galaxy S7 briefly. The "N" stands in Android for "NFC". NFC is Near field Communication and is a method of transmission over very short distances.

Samsung Galaxy S7

Therefore, this mode is used, for example, when paying with a smartphone in the supermarket etc.. But also transmission of data, for example, with Samsung Smart Switch, this mode is used. If you do not want that the N icon on your Samsung Galaxy S7 appears in the status bar any longer, you can disable NFC as follows:

1. Pull the status bar down

2. Tap in the top right on "Edit"

3. Tap then on the toggle "NFC", so this is grayed out and therefore inactive. Done!

You now know what the N icon on your Samsung Galaxy S7 means and how you can disable this easily again.


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