Samsung Galaxy S7 Number 1 symbol attached at setting symbol – meaning

If you notice a number "1" at the gear icon and within the Android settings at your Samsung Galaxy S7, then this has the following meaning:

An Update for your Samsung Galaxy S7 available.

Samsung Galaxy S7

So if you now touch the setting symbol with the one, you usually see at the beginning at the very top a note that a firmware update has been downloaded but has not yet been installed. So that the number 1 with the setting symbol now disappears, one must install the firmware update for Android.

To do this, please proceed as follows:

1. Navigate from the home screen to App menu --> Settings

2. Select here: Device information and then download or install updates manually

3. Alternatively, you can also directly start the update via the note to the update in the Settings or even the status bar.

After the new Android firmware update has been installed, the number 1 should no longer appear at the settings icon.



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