Samsung Galaxy S7 Poor connection at home- Tip

The Samsung Galaxy S7 can have a bad network connection at certain places in the house or in the apartment, so that one may receive a bad quality within telephone calls. Unfortunately you can make little here, but we would like to show you a tip, which helps you to receive at home a better network connection.

 For this purpose, the "GPRS" or the 2G network must be selected as the mobile radio network. This works as follows in Android:

Samsung Galaxy S7

Open from the home screen of the Samsung Galaxy S7 the main menu and then the settings. Click on "Mobile networks" and then on "Network mode". A list of choices appears.

  • Now select the entry "Only 2G".

This setting is aimed at your Samsung Galaxy S7, to only connect to the 2G network of the mobile phone provider. Since the 2G or GPRS network is best developed in the USA, the probability is very high that you have the best connection.

Disadvantage with this method is that you now have a very good telephone connection, but the mobile Internet is of course very slow. (Transmission rate at GPRS is very low).

But maybe you have at home Wi-Fi available, then that would not be so bad. We hope that with this tip you could improve the connection for telephone calls on the Samsung Galaxy S7.

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