Samsung Galaxy S7 Recognizing Workouts - Tip

The Samsung Galaxy S7 has a lot of useful features on board to keep or to increase your fitness. The "S Health" app, which is available on most Samsung smartphones, has been specially developed for this purpose.

So also with the Samsung Galaxy S7. The S Health App continually implements new functions. One of them we would like to present to you today and show how to activate it:

It is the automatic "recognition of workouts". What does that mean?

Samsung Galaxy S7

If the feature is enabled on the Samsung Galaxy S7, then the Samsung Galaxy S7 starts automatically after 10 min of activity recording your performance. This includes data such as: calories, duration, distance Workout, Locations and so on.

You can have your workout track captured automatically and recorded on a map. This way, you can always see where you have moved actively. We would now like to show you how you can activate the "recognition of workouts" on the Samsung Galaxy S7.

To do so, please navigate as follows:

From the Samsung Galaxy S7 home screen, open the app menu and then the S Health app. Within the S Health App, please go to "More" in the upper right corner. Then, tap "Settings" in the menu that opens. From there, continue on "Recognizing Workouts". In this option menu, you activate the switch and, if you want to use the location recording, also "Record workout location". Finished!

Your Samsung Galaxy S7 will now automatically record your fitness activities. This way you have a better look at your sporting fitness.

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